Kilometerstand KM
Aantal geproduceerd
Motor6 cilinder lijn
Motorblok nummerR-9471-9
Motor inhoud3800 cc
TransmissieHandgeschakelde 4-bak
ChassisFixed Head Coupe
Kleur interieurTan
Kleur exterieurGolden Sand


Jaguar E-Type 3.8 fhc (1962)

When the Jaguar E-Type was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, even Enzo Ferrari was baffled: it was "the most beautiful car ever built". After almost 60 years, the E-Type has lost none of its pure beauty. In fact, as the E-Type ages, we only get more appreciation for the iconic design of "Mr. Jaguar 'Sir William Lyons.

And not only the appearance is the car mouth-watering. Also technically, the E-Type could easily compete with the best and fastest Gran Turismos from Italy and Great Britain. In today's traffic, the E-Type feels completely at ease thanks to its powerful in-line six-cylinder engine and independent suspension. It is not without reason that the E-Type is still such a beloved classic almost 60 years after its premiere at the Geneva Motor Show. A car that you not only look at with love, but also a car that you love on the road.

Peet Classics has managed to acquire a ticket from the lottery with this completely original Jaguar E-Type Series I. It is a left-hand drive fixed-head coupé, with the much-loved 3.8-liter XK engine. The car was built in 1962 and originally delivered in New York. The history of the E-Type is fully documented, the certificate from the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust confirms that all chassis, engine and transmission numbers are matching. The car was originally painted in the stylish Opalescent Golden Sand paintwork, in combination with leather upholstery in Light Tan.

Peet Classics has set itself the goal of returning this Jaguar E-Type, imported from the US state of Georgia, to its original condition with a thorough restoration of the bodywork, technology and interior. And of course, the bar is very high. The project has now been started. The restoration of the body was recently completed: with a very keen eye for quality and detail, numerous sheet metal parts have been completely rebuilt by a recognized specialist. To ensure the car's originality, we chose to have the body repainted in the original Opalescent Golden Sand color.

The 3.8-liter straight six engine with its double overhead camshaft has been completely overhauled by the specialist in this field, Peter van Giersbergen in Silvolde. The overhaul is based on the original factory specification, but of course with the knowledge, overhaul technique and skills of today. The gearbox and differential have been overhauled to the same very high quality standards and are ready to be placed back in the car.

Now is the time to join this project as a future owner. Now that the E-Type is approaching the construction phase, you can still easily implement your personal requirements and wishes in terms of design and technology. So that your future Jaguar E-Type 3.8 Fixed-Head Coupé is fully tailored to your needs after the quality restoration has been completed. Contact Peet Classics to come and admire the E-Type - and to discuss all of the external and technical possibilities in more detail.

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